Monday, March 24, 2014

First Day of Service: San Francisco Women Against Rape (Taylor Seaberg)

For the first day of service we went to Glide for a breakfast and lunch shift involving a mix of sausage, grits, burgers, mac n' cheese, an engaging and interestingly set community of people in Tenderloin. Later we moved into the Mission district to begin our work with an organization called San Francisco Women Against Rape.

This organization acts as a helpful assistance and  hotline resource for women who have experienced sexual assault/abuse. They also schedule presentations and community events that advocate and promotes visibility to those who have been survivors of sexual violence. The organization also provides services to women including group counseling and they also help to decide what those survivors feel is in their best interest for stepping forward in legal action (if they choose to).

For our particular service that we did on Monday we put up flyers all around the Mission district on corner shops, in various places of establishment, and also as handouts to individuals in the area. We were directed toward specific places of popularity or traffic would run through so they would gain more notice.

We worked around the district for about 2 hours. Specifically I worked with another catalyst member named Jean and we went to 24th Street to present the flyers. 24th Street had Latin American restaurants, coffee shops, and product stores. Shopkeepers were often more than willing to have someone hang up a flyer in the front of their window or to give out to patrons who entered their facilities. I carried on a few conversations in Spanish with the costumers and one man from a corporate business had a meeting with fifty clients that he would advertise. Also we had fun talking to people, passing on the good word, getting to know the helpful staff worker at San Francisco Women Against Rape. And also we ran into lucha libre masks....yes.

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