Sunday, March 23, 2014


After months of planning and organizing our trip has finally come together! Our group made it into San Francisco last night at about 11:00pm (1:00am MN time).

Although the walk to the hostel was short we were able to get a sense of the community in which we are staying and serving with for this short time.

Since we got in so late last night we had a leisurely morning. Our only plans in the agenda was to grocery shop which was quite a haul considering we needed enough food for 13 of us for the entire week.

In San Francisco this task is even more of a challenge because the area in which we are staying is a food desert. This means that there is very limited access to groceries in our area.  

After about an hour walk we reached the grocery store. Staying in our budget was difficult as well because the cost of living is also high in San Fran.

We were successful however. We split our list into 4 sections and gathered what we needed in groups; getting to know each other better in the process. 

Later tonight we are privileged to have two visitors talk to us about the organization Transgender SF. 

More soon.

(L->R) Olivia, Mackenzie, Steven, Taylor




                                                                              Ayja and Taty

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