Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hellooooooo! Today was Castro Day. Got a private tour of the LGBT Center and learned about some of the amazing things that they do there. About 9,000 people come through the building every month! We learned about an office that helps find LGBT welcoming employment for people. The building hosts events all of the time from Yoga to LGBT Competency Trainings to youth meetings to soirees. After our visit, we continued our flyering for SFWAR. Then we went to the GLBT History Museum and Harvey Milk's old camera shop which is now Human Rights Campaign store. There is so much history in the Castro, it was exciting getting to be there. Our next stop was at LYRIC, this amazing youth advocacy organization that helps LGBT youth with pretty much everything under the sun and then some. Getting to talk to some of the people at LYRIC was eyeopening to the challenges LGBT youth are experiencing here in San Francisco. It is a wonderful program run by dedicated and passionate individuals. So much learning and experiencing has taken place today! Laters gators. Jennifer

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