Saturday, March 29, 2014


Some personal, some gathered from leaders we've met here, some collected from group reflection, some serious, some silly. I just never want to forget any of this.

--Teamwork and collaboration are valuable to process of creating change.
-- Leave with a plan, but don't be surprised or upset when EVERYTHING changes
--It's possible to actually work (as opposed to volunteer) in the world of social justice! And make money!
--Meet the need that's right outside your door.
--Harm reduction is more effective than moral righteousness. No judgement in service.
--I am not meant to wear jeans/have nice things (only halfway kidding)
-- We are all connected to each other, and the earth is connected to us.
--Take your time. If you need to take a breather, do so.
--Focusing on scarcities only goes so far. You have to also focus on the abundance all around you.
--Turtles are capable of some rather interesting sounds.
--You can't expect yourself to be perfect. Cut yourself some slack.
--A positive outlook will define your experience.
--If there is a need that you are able to fill, why wouldn't you?
--A little bit can go a long way. Don't underestimate.
--Don't drink "soda plum" unless you want to drink the ocean.
--It's so important to look where it is that you don't want to look, or have been conditioned not to.
--Sometimes, we all deserve a breath of fresh air.
--It's dangerous to make assumptions.
--Snails are fabulous racers.
--Compost may be smelly and made of you-know-what, but it makes things grow.
--Don't take food for granted.
--The solution is almost always more simple than you think.
--It's possible to be a real, functioning human at 6 in the morning!
--You have to make the best choices for yourself. Don't worry about others' opinions. It will always be worth it.

Please excuse the disjointed nature. There is still so much to process. All of my love to all of the other people on this trip, and everyone who made it possible. It may never be possible to explain exactly what it's meant to me.


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